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Machine Learning

At Emstell, we use machine learning while developing applications and software solutions for clients. Hence our clients can enhance their business productivity and processes leading to an increase in revenue. Machine Learning Technology uses programs to gain knowledge from raw data. Businesses can then use this knowledge to aid in their improvement and evolution. Many Cloud providers offer Machine learning platforms, so it is easier to integrate them into existing business processes.
Integration of Machine Learning in businesses can
– Help them know more about their market
– Help improve their business processes
– Help better engagement with customers
– Help adapt to changing market conditions

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IoT Services

We help develop IoT based frameworks, apps and solutions that drive smart operations and transform a business into a future-ready organization.
IoT (Internet of Things) can help businesses digitize their processes and bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds.
Emstell helps navigate the IoT landscape and create a plan to develop and implement IoT solutions. We provide business applications that create value and address various underlying challenges.
IoT solutions in business have many advantages-
– Scalable business applications
– Insightful Data and solutions
– Transform processes, workspaces, and applications
– Formulate business strategies using augmented intelligence

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Data Analysis and Visualization

Emstell uses data analytics and visualization to develop high-performance business applications. Data Analytics can help unlock insights that can transform a business.
Our expertise spans various business applications:
– Website design and development
– Mobile application development
– E-commerce website & apps
– Software testing
– Windows apps
– iPhone iOS app development
– Security testing
– Game development

We Provide

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Emstell supports AI (Artificial Intelligence) at scale for businesses. We use AI to develop and design applications to enhance business processes.
Integration of AI can help transform a business to connect better with customers, improve productivity and automate operations.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is used for automating digital and physical tasks.
RPA is cost effective and easy to implement through cognitive technologies.
AI for business can –
– Reduce costs of operation
– Excellent customers service even at bad times
– Detect fraud and prevent online transactions if required
– Personalize according to customer preferences
– Optimize production

We Provide

Amazon Echo

Emstell supports businesses to develop specific solutions on the Alexa development platform to simplify their daily operations and improve productivity. Businesses can use Amazon Echo device and Alexa for their daily operations. Alexa for Business has the tools and resources needed to operate multiple Alexa devices. Employees can use Echo as shared or personal devices. If used as a shared device, Echo can be set up in meeting rooms, conference halls etc. Features offered by Amazon Echo via Alexa – Improve meeting room experience – Increase utilization of resources – Enhance employee productivity.

We Provide

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Businesses. According to IBM, `It has business-ready tools, applications and solutions, designed to reduce the costs and hurdles of AI adoption’.
Emstell supports businesses to integrate Watson into their processes to utilize AI and transform operations.
Advantages of Watson
· Streamline basic tasks
· Automate operations like accounting, tech operations, marketing etc.
· Seamless user experience
· Accelerate deployment and time to value of any model
· Save time and effort

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