TechnologyJanuary 18, 2018by admin0Best Tips For Conducting an Effective Project Review

Brings the project team and other stakeholders together to discuss both what went well with the  project and what didn’t go as well

  • Can be split into multiple meetings if very large project
  • Send a survey ahead of time to collect feedback
  • Prepare and send an agenda prior to the meeting

Feedback Survey

A feedback survey should be sent at least one week before the meeting asking about thoughts on various

Aspects of the project.

  1. Overall, how successful do you think this project was?
  2. What obstacles did you face?
  3. What needs improvement/should have been done differently
  4. Do you have any other comments?

Review Meeting

Tend to focus on the negative, so keep it non-confrontational and be sure to ask about what went right

  • Work through each section of the feedback survey and facilitate positive and meaningful discussion
  • Take notes both on positive and constructive feedback

Post Review Meeting

Post review meeting is conducted to analyse the results from the review meeting and recommend process or procedural changes that should be made for future projects.

Project Completion Verification

Validates project objectives have been met and analyses if the project adhered to budget, Schedule, and quality requirements

  • Completed by the Project Manager
  • Format and level of detail varies per project
  • States any open issues or risks
  • Outlines high level customer satisfaction on project


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