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Emstell offers one of the most robust document management and archiving system available in Middle East. Emstell’s iDox DMS from its partner automates your business processes and eliminates the operational bottlenecks to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. We offer infinite possibilities and delivers its clients an easy way of business integration and implementation.


Some of the advantages of Emstell’s IDOX DMS are

·     Reduce the time required to reach accurate information.

·     Preventing mistakes due to lack of regulation.

·     Making sure that right information is available securely to the right concerned resources successfully.

·     Availing documents over multi channels including Desktops, Web and Mobile.

·     Store all your documents in one secure central electronic repository.

·     Retrieve documents from various locations and multiple file cabinets.

·     Increases productivity & efficiency by decrease the time & cost.

·     Remain competitive by increasing business intelligent.

High Level features of the solution

·     Bilingual Support (Arabic, English)

·     Multi Security Levels

Login Authentications

Repositories Security Level

Folder and subfolder Security Level

Trays Security Level

Document Security Level

·     Applying Privileges to

Admin, View, Add, Delete, Annotate, Edit, Print, Email, Downloads, Versioning

·     Document Workflow

·     Friendly User Interface

·     Simple Drag and Drop feature

·     Versioning Feature / keep your documents secure

·     Comprehensive Administration functionalities

·     Various search criteria to retrieve data

·     Email Notifications

·     Unlimited Number of Repositories, Indexes and Document Types

·     High technical support Level (Onsite and Remote Support)

Contact Us to discuss further and to discuss how our system can automate the Document Management and Work Flow process in your organization.



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