Most of us use online services for our day to day activities. We do online shopping for our essentials as well as other needs. Business websites and Ecommerce sites are some what similar to each other but there are quite number of differences. 

Business websites are those, which are used for the normal running of the business. Ecommerce is much focused in the buying and selling of things over the Internet. Clients can meet the technical support personnel online if they have any issues, and can keep in touch with their customers and employees through emails. It is also essential for a company to form their own website as the company website will show the full details of the Company, its operations, esteemed projects and clients.

Ecommerce is very much centered towards selling goods and services online, and it does not involve so much in the other business operations that are carried out. There are also a number of traditional retail stores that have ventured into this online selling business. Ecommerce is also very popular among retailers since it is much cheaper as a physical store does not need to be maintained when selling goods online, which can also cut on utilities, employment and other costs inherent to a physically established business.

Although there are similarities between the two, the differences between ecommerce and e-business are highlighted in different ways.

  • An business website relies on the internet to conduct all its business activities,     whereas ecommerce website restricts to trading of merchandise.
  •  A business website is a super set whereas ecommerce website is a subset.
  • Unlike ecommerce website, business website does not limit to monetary transactions.
  • E-commerce website requires access to the internet, while an business website might also need access to intranet and extranet.
  • As for ecommerce website there is no need for payment gateways for business websites.

Ecommerce websites requires well-strategized actions like buttons linking to trending product pages, eye-grabbing offers and discounts, and a quick view of best-selling products. The business website pon the other hand must be pretty straightforward and informative, without the need for anything flashy. 

You need to make sure the content you put on the business websites comprises of products and services, comprehensive guides, explanatory demos, completed projects and esteemed clients. The content for ecommerce does not require such in-depth information. It, however, must be driving the audience to make an instant purchase. Content for ecommerce website must have reviews or ratings to highlight the popularity of a product, product features and specifications, and high-quality images.

In business website for customer support it consumes more time. But as in ecommerce websites customer support team will usually be responsible for providing product training, answering issues and tickets 24×7, and answering after-sale queries through chats and emails.


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