Broadleaf E-Commerce

Emstell develops eCommerce platforms powered by Broadleaf.

Emstell Technologies offers Broadleaf e-commerce platform solutions for your business. We provide online retailers Broadleaf eCommerce framework to build their digital stores.

What is Broadleaf?

Broadleaf is an open-source eCommerce framework that provides powerful features within a lightweight framework. It is a software platform that supports numerous functionalities for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses at a good value.

Broadleaf Commerce is written in Java and is based on the Spring enterprise java platform. It gives an eCommerce business a robust platform, data model, tools, and services to build an online store tailored to specific requirements.

Main features of Broadleaf e-commerce platform

– Scalable and flexible

– Support several database options

– Robust ordering and quote process.

– Content Management system

– SEO integration and customer management

– Shopping cart

– Ability to speed-up order processes

– Boosts conversions by connecting customers with products instantly.

– Multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-store options

– Allows speed ordering and reordering from an existing list or the previous order.

– Quick order entry for bulk ordering.- Account-specific catalogues and pricing controls

Emstell for Broadleaf eCommerce

Emstell provide support for customization of Broadleaf eCommerce platform as required by your business. We help integrate Broadleaf with its tools, payment gateways, CMS, and other third-party tools for better management of your eCommerce platform.

We design your e-commerce platform with unique and configurable features with a fully extensible framework. Broadleaf e-commerce software provides suppliers with inventory portals and provision for catalogue and order management.

We help set up account management and organize business processes. In Broadleaf B2B edition there are options to enable a self-service account. So, clients can shop all day, every day. With the Broadleaf e-commerce platform, we help you set up account hierarchies.

Every Broadleaf implementation that we install can be customized to ensure that your e-commerce solutions work flawlessly. Our technical integrations include design, development, hosting, UI/UX, QA, load testing, and analytics.

B2C Features

Broadleaf supports user-centric browsing experiences. Some of the B2C (Business to Customer) features are as follows:

Product categorizations and search tools for effortless location.

Personalized customer experiences based on site searches, order history, etc.

Powerful CMS and content targeting feature

Define content zones and assign rules for rendering custom landing pages, offers, promotions etc.

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